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Alternatives to Neighborhood-Based CF - Week 4

Alternatives to Neighborhood-Based CF - Week 4

Wenhao Huang, 11 June 2018

This week I finished the remaining work (mostly of which are testing and debugging work) for data normalization after the PR of refactoring CF class was merged. There are a few improvements pointed out by review comments to do, and I am excited that it is close to be merged. (Many thanks to Marcus and Mikhail for reviewing the PR!). Based on my testing I found that it might be better if RegSVD or BatchSVD is used as default matrix factorizer, but I will open another PR dedicated to this issue later.

As for weights interpolation, all classes for neighbor search (LMetricSearch<TPower>, CosineSearch, PearsonSearch) and interpolation methods (AverageInterpolation, RegressionInterpolation, SimilarityInterpolation) are added. There is another interpolation method which is an improvement of RegressionInterpolation and it is also worth implementing. But to keep up with schedule I plan to implement this interpolation method after I finish my scheduled tasks in the following few weeks. The remaining work for the PR of weights interpolation is to templatize the current methods to use NeighborSearchPolicy and InterpolationPolicy, and to add tests for all neighbor search classes and interpolation classes.

According to my schedule, I need to test the added funtionalities, i.e. data normalization and weights interpolation, on a public dataset. The are some work left to do for weights interpolation so I am a bit behind schedule, but I will try to catch up. In the next week I will complete the remaining work for weights interpolation once the PR of data normalization is merged, and work on testing these methods on a public dataset.