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class  PointerVectorWrapper< T >
 The objective of this class is to create a wrapper for std::vector that hold pointers by adding also the size of the vector. More...





#define CEREAL_VECTOR_POINTER(T)   cereal::make_pointer_vector(T)
 Cereal does not support the serialization of raw pointer. More...



PointerVectorWrapper< T > make_pointer_vector (std::vector< T *> &t)
 Serialize an std::vector that holds raw pointer object by encapsulating them into a smart pointer. More...


Detailed Description

Omar Shrit

Implementation of a vector wrapper to enable the serialization of the size of the vector in cereal

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Definition in file pointer_vector_wrapper.hpp.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CEREAL_VECTOR_POINTER (   T)    cereal::make_pointer_vector(T)

Cereal does not support the serialization of raw pointer.

This macro enable developers to serialize std vectors that holds raw pointers by using the above PointerVectorWrapper class which replace the internal raw pointers by smart pointer internally.

Tstd::vector that holds raw pointer to be serialized.

Definition at line 93 of file pointer_vector_wrapper.hpp.