mlpack::metric Namespace Reference


class  BLEU
 BLEU, or the Bilingual Evaluation Understudy, is an algorithm for evaluating the quality of text which has been machine translated from one natural language to another. More...

class  IoU
 Definition of Intersection over Union metric. More...

class  IPMetric
 The inner product metric, IPMetric, takes a given Mercer kernel (KernelType), and when Evaluate() is called, returns the distance between the two points in kernel space: More...

class  LMetric
 The L_p metric for arbitrary integer p, with an option to take the root. More...

class  MahalanobisDistance
 The Mahalanobis distance, which is essentially a stretched Euclidean distance. More...

class  NMS
 Definition of Non Maximal Supression. More...



typedef LMetric< INT_MAX, false > ChebyshevDistance
 The L-infinity distance. More...

typedef LMetric< 2, true > EuclideanDistance
 The Euclidean (L2) distance. More...

typedef LMetric< 1, false > ManhattanDistance
 The Manhattan (L1) distance. More...

typedef LMetric< 2, false > SquaredEuclideanDistance
 The squared Euclidean (L2) distance. More...


Typedef Documentation

◆ ChebyshevDistance

typedef LMetric<INT_MAX, false> ChebyshevDistance

The L-infinity distance.

Definition at line 117 of file lmetric.hpp.

◆ EuclideanDistance

typedef LMetric<2, true> EuclideanDistance

The Euclidean (L2) distance.

Definition at line 112 of file lmetric.hpp.

◆ ManhattanDistance

typedef LMetric<1, false> ManhattanDistance

The Manhattan (L1) distance.

Definition at line 101 of file lmetric.hpp.

◆ SquaredEuclideanDistance

typedef LMetric<2, false> SquaredEuclideanDistance

The squared Euclidean (L2) distance.

Note that this is not technically a metric! But it can sometimes be used when distances are required.

Definition at line 107 of file lmetric.hpp.