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Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.


std::string GetBindingName (const std::string &bindingName)
 Given the name of the binding, print the name for the current language (as given by BindingInfo). More...

bool IgnoreCheck (const std::string &bindingName, const T &t)
 Return whether or not a runtime check on parameters should be ignored. More...

std::string ParamString (const std::string &bindingName, const std::string &paramName)
 Print what a user would type to invoke the given option name. More...

std::string ParamType (util::Params &p, util::ParamData &d)
 Print the user-encountered type of an option. More...

std::string PrintDataset (const std::string &dataset)
 Print a dataset type parameter (add .csv and return). More...

std::string PrintDefault (const std::string &bindingName, const std::string &paramName)
 Print the default value of an option, unless it is required (in which case Markdown italicized '–' is printed). More...

std::string PrintImport (const std::string &bindingName)
 Print any imports that need to be done before using the binding. More...

std::string PrintInputOptionInfo (const std::string &language)
 Print any special information about input options. More...

std::string PrintLanguage (const std::string &language)
 Print the name of the given language. More...

std::string PrintModel (const std::string &model)
 Print a model type parameter (add .bin and return). More...

std::string PrintOutputOptionInfo (const std::string &language)
 Print any special information about output options. More...

std::string PrintTypeDocs ()
 Print details about the different types for a language. More...

std::string PrintValue (const T &value, bool quotes)
 Given a parameter type, print the corresponding value. More...

template<typename... Args>
std::string ProgramCall (const std::string &programName, Args... args)
 Given a program name and arguments for it, print what its invocation would be. More...

std::string ProgramCall (const std::string &programName)
 Given a program name, print a call assuming that all arguments are specified. More...


Detailed Description

Ryan Curtin

This file wraps the different printing functionality of different binding types. If a new binding type is added, this code will need to be modified so that Markdown can be printed.

mlpack is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. You should have received a copy of the 3-clause BSD license along with mlpack. If not, see for more information.

Definition in file print_doc_functions.hpp.