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class  KDEModel
 The KDEModel provides an abstraction for the KDE class, abstracting away the KernelType and TreeType parameters and allowing those to be specified at runtime. More...

class  KDEWrapper< KernelType, TreeType >
 KDEWrapper is a wrapper class for all KDE types supported by KDEModel. More...

class  KDEWrapperBase
 KDEWrapperBase is a base wrapper class for holding all KDE types supported by KDEModel. More...

class  KernelNormalizer
 KernelNormalizer holds a set of methods to normalize estimations applying in each case the appropiate kernel normalizer function. More...



Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.
Kernel Density Estimation.

Detailed Description

Roberto Hueso

Model for KDE. It abstracts different types of tree, kernels, etc.

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