NystroemKernelRule< KernelType, PointSelectionPolicy > Class Template Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void ApplyKernelMatrix (const arma::mat &data, arma::mat &transformedData, arma::vec &eigval, arma::mat &eigvec, const size_t rank, KernelType kernel=KernelType())
 Construct the kernel matrix approximation using the nystroem method. More...


Detailed Description

template<typename KernelType, typename PointSelectionPolicy = kernel::KMeansSelection<>>
class mlpack::kpca::NystroemKernelRule< KernelType, PointSelectionPolicy >

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Member Function Documentation

◆ ApplyKernelMatrix()

static void ApplyKernelMatrix ( const arma::mat &  data,
arma::mat &  transformedData,
arma::vec &  eigval,
arma::mat &  eigvec,
const size_t  rank,
KernelType  kernel = KernelType() 

Construct the kernel matrix approximation using the nystroem method.

dataInput data points.
transformedDataMatrix to output results into.
eigvalKPCA eigenvalues will be written to this vector.
eigvecKPCA eigenvectors will be written to this matrix.
rankRank to be used for matrix approximation.
kernelKernel to be used for computation.

Definition at line 40 of file nystroem_method.hpp.

References NystroemMethod< KernelType, PointSelectionPolicy >::Apply(), mlpack::math::Center(), and Log::Fatal.

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