NMFPolicy Member List

This is the complete list of members for NMFPolicy, including all inherited members.

Apply(const MatType &, const arma::sp_mat &cleanedData, const size_t rank, const size_t maxIterations, const double minResidue, const bool mit)NMFPolicyinline
GetNeighborhood(const arma::Col< size_t > &users, const size_t numUsersForSimilarity, arma::Mat< size_t > &neighborhood, arma::mat &similarities) constNMFPolicyinline
GetRating(const size_t user, const size_t item) constNMFPolicyinline
GetRatingOfUser(const size_t user, arma::vec &rating) constNMFPolicyinline
H() constNMFPolicyinline
serialize(Archive &ar, const uint32_t)NMFPolicyinline
W() constNMFPolicyinline