RBFType< MatType, Activation > Member List

This is the complete list of members for RBFType< MatType, Activation >, including all inherited members.

Backward(const MatType &, const MatType &, MatType &)RBFType< MatType, Activation >virtual
Clone() constRBFType< MatType, Activation >inlinevirtual
ComputeOutputDimensions()RBFType< MatType, Activation >virtual
CustomInitialize(MatType &, const size_t)Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
Forward(const MatType &input, MatType &output)RBFType< MatType, Activation >virtual
mlpack::ann::Layer::Forward(const MatType &, const MatType &)Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
Gradient(const MatType &, const MatType &, MatType &)Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
InputDimensions() constLayer< MatType >inline
InputDimensions()Layer< MatType >inline
inputDimensionsLayer< MatType >protected
Layer()Layer< MatType >inline
Layer(const Layer &layer)Layer< MatType >inline
Layer(Layer &&layer)Layer< MatType >inline
Loss()Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
operator=(const RBFType &other)RBFType< MatType, Activation >
operator=(RBFType &&other)RBFType< MatType, Activation >
mlpack::ann::Layer::operator=(const Layer &layer)Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
mlpack::ann::Layer::operator=(Layer &&layer)Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
OutputDimensions()Layer< MatType >inline
outputDimensionsLayer< MatType >protected
OutputSize() finalLayer< MatType >inlinevirtual
Parameters() constLayer< MatType >inlinevirtual
Parameters()Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
RBFType()RBFType< MatType, Activation >
RBFType(const size_t outSize, MatType &centres, double betas=0)RBFType< MatType, Activation >
RBFType(const RBFType &other)RBFType< MatType, Activation >
RBFType(RBFType &&other)RBFType< MatType, Activation >
serialize(Archive &ar, const uint32_t)RBFType< MatType, Activation >
SetWeights(typename MatType::elem_type *)Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
trainingLayer< MatType >protected
Training() constLayer< MatType >inlinevirtual
Training()Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
validOutputDimensionsLayer< MatType >protected
WeightSize() constRBFType< MatType, Activation >inlinevirtual
~Layer()Layer< MatType >inlinevirtual
~RBFType()RBFType< MatType, Activation >inlinevirtual