OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction > Member List

This is the complete list of members for OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >, including all inherited members.

Initialize(arma::Mat< eT > &W, const size_t rows, const size_t cols)OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >inline
Initialize(arma::Mat< eT > &W)OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >inline
Initialize(arma::Cube< eT > &W, const size_t rows, const size_t cols, const size_t slices)OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >inline
Initialize(arma::Cube< eT > &W)OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >inline
OivsInitialization(const double epsilon=0.1, const int k=5, const double gamma=0.9)OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >inline