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class  RASearch< SortPolicy, MetricType, MatType, TreeType >
 The RASearch class: This class provides a generic manner to perform rank-approximate search via random-sampling. More...

class  TrainVisitor< SortPolicy >
 TrainVisitor sets the reference set to a new reference set on the given NSType. More...




Detailed Description

Parikshit Ram

Defines the RASearch class, which performs an abstract rank-approximate nearest/farthest neighbor query on two datasets.

The details of this method can be found in the following paper:

{ram2009rank, title={{Rank-Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search: Retaining Meaning and Speed in High Dimensions}}, author={{Ram, P. and Lee, D. and Ouyang, H. and Gray, A. G.}}, booktitle={{Advances of Neural Information Processing Systems}}, year={2009} }

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