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class  LSHSearch< SortPolicy >
 The LSHSearch class; this class builds a hash on the reference set and uses this hash to compute the distance-approximate nearest-neighbors of the given queries. More...





 BOOST_TEMPLATE_CLASS_VERSION (template< typename SortPolicy >, mlpack::neighbor::LSHSearch< SortPolicy >, 1)
 Set the serialization version of the LSHSearch class. More...


Detailed Description

Parikshit Ram

Defines the LSHSearch class, which performs an approximate nearest neighbor search for a queries in a query set over a given dataset using Locality-sensitive hashing with 2-stable distributions.

The details of this method can be found in the following paper:

{datar2004locality, title={Locality-sensitive hashing scheme based on p-stable distributions}, author={Datar, M. and Immorlica, N. and Indyk, P. and Mirrokni, V.S.}, booktitle= {Proceedings of the 12th Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry}, pages={253–262}, year={2004}, organization={ACM} }

Additionally, the class implements Multiprobe LSH, which improves approximation results during the search for approximate nearest neighbors. The Multiprobe LSH algorithm was presented in the paper:

{Lv2007multiprobe, tile={Multi-probe LSH: efficient indexing for high-dimensional similarity search}, author={Lv, Qin and Josephson, William and Wang, Zhe and Charikar, Moses and Li, Kai}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 33rd international conference on Very large data bases}, year={2007}, pages={950–961} }

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mlpack::neighbor::LSHSearch< SortPolicy >  ,

Set the serialization version of the LSHSearch class.

Referenced by LSHSearch< SortPolicy >::Projections().