MountainCar Member List

This is the complete list of members for MountainCar, including all inherited members.

Action enum nameMountainCar
backward enum valueMountainCar
forward enum valueMountainCar
IsTerminal(const State &state) constMountainCarinline
MaxSteps() constMountainCarinline
MountainCar(const double positionMin=-1.2, const double positionMax=0.6, const double positionGoal=0.5, const double velocityMin=-0.07, const double velocityMax=0.07, const double doneReward=0, const size_t maxSteps=0)MountainCarinline
Sample(const State &state, const Action &action, State &nextState)MountainCarinline
Sample(const State &state, const Action &action)MountainCarinline
size enum valueMountainCar
StepsPerformed() constMountainCarinline
stop enum valueMountainCar