AggregatedPolicy< PolicyType > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using ActionType = typename PolicyType::ActionType
 Convenient typedef for action. More...


Public Member Functions

 AggregatedPolicy (std::vector< PolicyType > policies, const arma::colvec &distribution)
void Anneal ()
 Exploration probability will anneal at each step. More...

ActionType Sample (const arma::colvec &actionValue, bool deterministic=false)
 Sample an action based on given action values. More...


Detailed Description


class mlpack::rl::AggregatedPolicy< PolicyType >

Template Parameters
PolicyTypeThe type of the child policy.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ActionType

using ActionType = typename PolicyType::ActionType

Convenient typedef for action.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AggregatedPolicy()

AggregatedPolicy ( std::vector< PolicyType >  policies,
const arma::colvec &  distribution 
policiesChild policies.
distributionProbability distribution for each child policy. User should make sure its size is same as the number of policies and the sum of its element is equal to 1.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Anneal()

void Anneal ( )

Exploration probability will anneal at each step.

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◆ Sample()

ActionType Sample ( const arma::colvec &  actionValue,
bool  deterministic = false 

Sample an action based on given action values.

actionValueValues for each action.
deterministicAlways select the action greedily.
Sampled action.

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References DiscreteDistribution::Random().

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