QDAFN< MatType > Member List

This is the complete list of members for QDAFN< MatType >, including all inherited members.

CandidateSet(const size_t t) constQDAFN< MatType >inline
CandidateSet(const size_t t)QDAFN< MatType >inline
NumProjections() constQDAFN< MatType >inline
QDAFN(const size_t l, const size_t m)QDAFN< MatType >
QDAFN(const MatType &referenceSet, const size_t l, const size_t m)QDAFN< MatType >
Search(const MatType &querySet, const size_t k, arma::Mat< size_t > &neighbors, arma::mat &distances)QDAFN< MatType >
serialize(Archive &ar, const unsigned int)QDAFN< MatType >
Train(const MatType &referenceSet, const size_t l=0, const size_t m=0)QDAFN< MatType >