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May 2018
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00:45 < rcurtin> zoq: old red BMW: http://ratml.org/misc_img/e28_on_jack_stands.jpg
00:45 < rcurtin> that's a picture I just took... a driveshaft bearing was failing, so I took the driveshaft off and replaced the bearing
00:45 < rcurtin> and thought, hey, while I'm here, the exhaust is easy to get out and it needs to be replaced too
00:45 < rcurtin> so off came the exhaust
00:45 < rcurtin> and then I thought, hey, while I'm here, the transmission needs a little work
00:45 < rcurtin> so out it came too
00:46 < rcurtin> and then I thought, hey, while I've got that out, I could replace the oil pan gasket and the motor mounts...
00:46 < rcurtin> so it has been up on jack stands like that for a while since the weather has been bad. but I am finally getting it back together now :)
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08:10 < zoq> rcurtin: :), really like that car, 1985?
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10:51 < wenhao> Hi everyone! I didn't join the meeting yesterday because I went to Shanghai DisneyLand for the holiday. So I will introduce myself now
10:53 < wenhao> My name is Wenhao Huang. I was born in Guangzhou and currently a senior student at Peking University, Beijing.
10:54 < wenhao> I also studied at University of Melbourne and UCLA for a short period. Next semester I will pursue Master Degree in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
10:56 < wenhao> At free time I enjoy watching movies and some American TV shows. Play badminton and table tennis, currently learning tennis. And I am a food lover
10:59 < wenhao> I am excited that I got accepted and happy to meet all of you:)
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11:53 < zoq> wenhao: I've never been in Disneyland, did you get the MagicBand?
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12:37 < wenhao> zoq: nope, we used cards but it is said that magicband will be used at shanghai disneyland soon later
12:44 < zoq> wenhao: the technique they used for the bands is kinda cool :)
12:47 < zoq> wenhao: Also, since you said you are a fan of TV shows, Silicon Valley is one that was mentioned at least twice yesterday, need to check this out.
12:51 < wenhao> Yes! I have been watching Silicon Valley it's so funny, although I haven't watched the latest season
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13:40 < rcurtin> zoq: 1988 not 1985. lots of fun to drive, but a lot of work to maintain :)
13:40 < rcurtin> many parts are still original, so there are a lot of little things that need to be replaced
13:40 < rcurtin> but the engine still turns just fine, so I think it will still go for many more miles before I need to do anything major like a rebuild of the engine or anything
13:47 < zoq> ah, if I remember right the 1988 is the last one. Really like the shape of the car, and I bet it runs for many more years ... german engineering :)
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14:00 < rcurtin> yeah, 1988 was the last year they made that body style
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