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March 2018
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04:02 < ckeshavabs> zoq: yesterday I had asked about implementation of reward clipping method. I just wanted to clarify about it's implementation. Some of the blogs just classify all positive rewards as +1 and the negative ones as -1. They live the zero rewards as it is.
04:03 < ckeshavabs> They retain(leave**) the zero rewards as it is.
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04:06 < ckeshavabs> Is this the correct form of implementation of reward clipping?
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04:27 < travis-ci> ShikharJ/mlpack#115 (master - 793fe4a : Marcus Edel): The build has errored.
04:27 < travis-ci> Change view :
04:27 < travis-ci> Build details :
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06:58 < Nisha_> Hi @zoq, please review my draft after the suggested changes :) Waiting for the feedback :)
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10:04 < manthan> zoq : i have updated the proposal according to your suggestions, could you please have a look once you find time. Thanks. API structure for TokeniserEncoder has been updated so kindly review that please.
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11:37 < thepro> hey
11:38 < thepro> can anyone tell me if the decision tree implementation available in mlpack is susceptible to outliers as in case of C4.5?
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13:37 < zoq> ckeshavabs: This is a variant of reward clipping, you could also say you only clip the positive rewards.
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13:54 < rcurtin> thepro: yes, there is no special handling of outliers in the mlpack decision tree implementation, so I would expect it to act the same as C4.5
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13:59 < thepro> rcurtin:Can we implement C5.0 for mlpack (it is covered by a patent.)?
14:01 < rcurtin> thepro: I don't know about the legal status of C5.0 but I do think that some research would need to be done first to look into that
14:01 < rcurtin> zoq: any problem if I merge #1313? ("miscellaneous test fixes") I added a few more changes since you approved it; they are all fairly minor
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14:06 < thepro> rcurtin:do this paper worth
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14:07 < zoq> rcurtin: Have seen the changes, looks ready for me.
14:10 < rcurtin> thepro: that paper appears to be just a comparison of ID3, C4.5, and C5.0; to me it does not say anything about the legal status of C5.0 and whether it is patent protected
14:10 < rcurtin> zoq: ok, I'll go ahead and merge it
14:11 < rcurtin> I'd like to restart the matrix builds, but I feel like we should have a fix for the batch normalization test first; maybe we should merge #1327 now and let Manthan provide an update if he'd prefer to solve it differently?
14:13 < zoq> rcurtin: I've asked him on the issue what he likes to do, but I think merging this now works for me, if you like to test the matrix build.
14:14 < rcurtin> sure, I think maybe we should do that, just to make sure that no other tests are failing
14:14 < rcurtin> let me update the PR
14:18 < zoq> rcurtin: Okay, I can update the PR and add the comments now or later, your call :)
14:18 < rcurtin> if you'd like to add the comments, I think that would be useful and then we can merge it
14:18 < zoq> rcurtin: okay
14:18 < rcurtin> my guess (but I am not sure) is that Manthan will be fine with the changes, so it seems better to me to just do it all now
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14:28 < nikhilgoel1997> @rcurtin: @zoq it will be really helpful if you could review my proposal on profiling for parallelization and suggest the changes so I can improve it
14:31 < thepro> tells C 5.0 is a commercial system but I did not understand what does that mean.
14:31 < thepro> @rcurtin
14:35 < rcurtin> nikhilgoel1997: it's not likely that I'll have time to do that
14:35 < rcurtin> thepro: I am not a legal expert, and I think there is risk of C5.0 having patents associated with it (so I suggest maybe you do a patent search), so I think it might be better to avoid it
14:36 < rcurtin> nikhilgoel1997: there is an application guide on the mlpack github wiki, I'd suggest taking a look at that
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15:00 < nikhilgoel1997> Yes, I've followed the application guide. I submitted the proposal a few days ago and didn't get feedback so I was a bit concerned.
15:00 < nikhilgoel1997> Also, will it be fine if I implement the changes in one of the algorithms mentioned and submit a PR just to understand the exact way in which the results should be submitted?
15:00 < rcurtin> nikhilgoel1997: many proposals won't get feedback, it's simply not possible---last year we received 100+ applications
15:05 < nikhilgoel1997> I'm sorry I didn't realize that and I understand
15:06 < rcurtin> no problem
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15:15 < rcurtin> zoq: the comments in #1327 look good to me, if you want to go ahead and merge feel free, then I'll restart the matrix build and we'll see what happens
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16:51 < zoq> rcurtin: Does the use the latest master branch? Looks like the gradient check failed on some machines, "critical check CheckGradient(function) <= 1e-3 failed [0.0024685914704367208 > 0.001]" but the new tests uses 1e-4 so, not sure it's the latest version.
16:52 < rcurtin> yeah, I just realized that I forgot to run the git checkout job first
16:52 < rcurtin> so I am restarting it all now
16:53 < zoq> ahh, I see
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17:03 < manthan> zoq : i have added a comment on Could you look into it.
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17:49 < Atharva> sumedhghaisas3: on gsoc ideas page, there has been mention of of inplementing denoising VAEs, in the linked paper, there is only mention of denoising autoencoders (not variational), what exactly is expected there?
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17:52 < Nisha__> Hi Zoq, i was wondering if you had a chance to review my proposal after the changes.
18:06 < zoq> Nisha__: No, note we are doing our best to give as much feedback as we can, but there are too many application, so it's possible that we can't review an application twice.
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18:23 < Nisha__> Okay, no problem.. I understand completely :)
18:24 < donjin_master> Hello everyone . How many environments do we have to create for implementing RL in atari games over this summer..
18:27 < zoq> donjin_master: Not sure I get the point, we already have some env's for testing, and we can use which allows us to use eveything gym provides.
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18:28 < donjin_master> But these envs are for claasic control they are not atari games environment
18:30 < zoq> donjin_master: Correct, as I said, we can use the wrapper, if you like to run test against Atari.
18:31 < donjin_master> Ok thabks
18:31 < donjin_master> Thanks i got it
18:32 < zoq> donjin_master: Here to help.
18:32 < donjin_master> Zoq i have still some doubts regarding my proposal
18:33 < sumedhghaisas3> @Atharva: Denoising autoencoder is achieved with VAEs in that paper.
18:33 < sumedhghaisas3> we will implement VAE and may test its Denoising capabilities
18:34 < sumedhghaisas3> although the priority will be to achieve without noise reconstruction
18:34 < sumedhghaisas3> the implementation of Denoising and without is basically same. in Denoising we provide input with little noise added and train it to reconstruct the image back
18:35 < donjin_master> zoq where should i get the dataset for my CNN in DQN algorith
18:35 < donjin_master> algorithm
18:39 < zoq> donjin_master: You could extract it from the environment itself.
18:42 < donjin_master> I am sorry for asking that do we only have to implemet a dqn algorithm over a period of three months
18:43 < donjin_master> If something else we have to do then please tell me.
18:44 < zoq> donjin_master: You should pick the number of methods you think is reasonable. The ideas pages lists some methods, you are free to propose anything in addition or else.
18:46 < donjin_master> Means i can give the proposal for 2 methods if i am comfortable with that..
18:47 < Atharva> sumedhghaisas3: got it, thanks!
18:49 < donjin_master> Atharva
18:49 < zoq> donjin_master: Not sure what you mean, note a student is expected to work full time (40 hours) over the "summer". If you think implementing DQN takes like one month or more, you should list what you like to do the rest of the time.
18:51 < donjin_master> Thanks zoq
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18:55 < donjin_master> Zoq i have a doubt why don't mlpack use gitter for their communication
18:57 < rcurtin> donjin_master: why should we?
18:57 < rcurtin> or, more specifically, what advantages does gitter offer over IRC that would benefit us?
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19:10 < donjin_master> In my opinion in gitter we can see the person profile and github profile and by using irc no one have their originality (thats my thinking)
19:11 < rcurtin> in this particular case, basically everybody's IRC nicks match their github profile names
19:13 < donjin_master> But in gitter everyone is in group and they have logs according to date wise which take more time to search any message
19:15 < donjin_master> I mean irc have logs..
19:15 < donjin_master> Which is mostly filled with the joined and quit statement
19:15 < rcurtin> you can use any client you like for IRC, and you can filter out the join and quit statements
19:16 < donjin_master> How i can filter join statements
19:16 < rcurtin> you are using the web client that I think is not very configurable
19:16 < rcurtin> so you would probably want to find another client, read its documentation, and figure out how you want to configure it
19:17 < donjin_master> I got it how to filter join and quit statement
19:19 < donjin_master> rcurtin can i ask you a question as a fresher
19:20 < donjin_master> Newcommer to gsoc
19:21 < rcurtin> donjin_master: yes, I can try to answer the question
19:22 < donjin_master> What can we do in community bonding period because everyone is discussing their project ..
19:22 < rcurtin> I don't understand the question
19:23 < donjin_master> There is a gap of 1 month for community bonding
19:23 < donjin_master> In that gap what we will have to do ?
19:24 < rcurtin> right, so accepted students aren't required to do anything at all, but the month-long period is useful for getting in touch with a mentor, getting to know them, meeting people (I guess over IRC) in the organization, and becoming more comfortable with the codebase
19:25 < donjin_master> Thanks rcurtin
19:26 < rcurtin> sure
19:28 < donjin_master> rcurtin can we have a sample proposal in our website
19:28 < donjin_master> Because i am not getting what to share in my proposal
19:28 < rcurtin> there is an application guide in the wiki and a lot of resources online for how to prepare a proposal for GSoC; I'd suggest reading those
19:28 < donjin_master> I have gone through the application guide given by you.
19:29 < rcurtin> there is no way we can provide a sample proposal because what we are looking for changes every year
19:29 < rcurtin> it is up to the student to provide a high-quality proposal based on what they think is important, and it's very important that the student is able to figure out how to put together a good proposal themselves
19:30 < donjin_master> Yes you are right its the work of student
19:30 < donjin_master> I will try to figure it out by myself
19:30 < rcurtin> the reason that is important is because students should be able to accomplish their projects without needing supervision at every step from the mentor---the mentors typically have only a handful of hours available in the week to help
19:31 < donjin_master> Only one student is selected for one project or more than that
19:31 < rcurtin> that depends on the project
19:31 < rcurtin> and on the strength of the proposals
19:33 < donjin_master> Do u think to give a timeline for the project is good or must?
19:34 < rcurtin> I think that all of the questions you are asking can be answered in the application guide I linked to earlier
19:34 < donjin_master> Sorry for asking
19:35 < ckeshavabs> zoq: Hi, prioritised experience replay doesn't seem to be implemented for Reinforcement Learning. So would it be better to implement it as a separate method/class and integrate it with the existing DQN implementation during the summer?
19:35 < rcurtin> it's ok, I am happy to help with questions that can't be answered elsewhere, but please try and answer questions yourself if you can (it saves time)
19:36 < donjin_master> Ok i will take care from next time
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20:14 < manthan> rcurtin : could you please review my proposal once when you have time, i have updated the proposal according to zoq's sugestions.
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