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January 2018
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01:07 < ShikharJ> Can anyone help me with my queries please?
01:09 < ShikharJ> @zoq?
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08:21 < shreyas> hi there, i would like to contribute to this organisation , know c++ basic(pointers , datastructures etc) and would like to further increase my knowledge, just need some help getting started
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11:01 < zoq> ShikharJI: Hello, looks like we missed each other, please don't hesitate to ask. We will respond once we have a chance.
11:02 < zoq> shreyas: Hello there, a good starting point is:
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12:14 < Guest81770> Hello! Are you planning to participate on GSOC 2018?
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12:54 < zoq> Guest81770: Hello, yes we do.
12:55 < Guest81770> OK. Thank you for the response
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13:56 < zoq> ShikharJ: Hello, in case you missed my message please check the logs:
13:57 < ShikharJ> zoq: Hi. I was interested in Essential Deep Learning modules project idea for GSoC. I presume you're the mentor for that project?
13:59 < ShikharJ> I have followed the work product achieved last year by @kris-singh. But it seems that none of the work has been merged as of yet. Is it still a priority project for mlpack?
14:12 < zoq> ShikharJ: yeah, would be great of the missing pieces are added so that we can merge the PR's. Besides that, the project is open for additions and improvements.
14:14 < ShikharJ> Okay. So would you rather prefer if the pending work is finished first or can I propose my choices of modules that I wish to implement?
14:16 < zoq> I think the RBM code is somewhat done, so the amount of work is probably not enough, I guess if someone likes to work on GAN's he should take a look at the open PR first.
14:16 < lozhnikov> ShikharJ: hi! I was mentoring the project last summer. Actually Kris has implemented RBM, SpikeSlabRBM and GAN. But there is a lack of tests, therefore the project is not merged yet.
14:17 < zoq> Right, maybe we should open an issue, and see if someone likes to write some tests.
14:18 < zoq> ShikharJ: If you have something you like to work on, that's not implemented yet, feel free to propose something.
14:19 < zoq> Also, we should update the project description.
14:19 < lozhnikov> zoq: Yeah, I think we should point that out at the GSoC ideas page. As for me this is a good place to start
14:21 < zoq> lozhnikov: agreed
14:22 < ShikharJ> Cool. I'll discuss it with you guys after I have a clearer idea on what else can be added, apart from RBFN and BRN (though I don't frankly have much idea on those).
14:23 < zoq> ShikharJ: Sounds good, you can also take a look at GAN ... don't feel obligated.
14:25 < ShikharJ> Sure. For now, I'll take a look at writing test cases for the open PRs. That should bring me up to speed on the work progress.
14:26 < zoq> awesome
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15:53 < rcurtin> uh-oh, I restarted gitdub a few days ago and now it is going crazy sending out too many emails...
15:53 < rcurtin> at least this time it is only a month's worth of extra emails, not more...
15:54 < zoq> :)
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20:53 < tiberiuL_> Hello everybody! I am now working as a undergraduate researcher in numerical methods and i am found of numerical analysis applied in machine learning. I want to contribute. What should i do? Also i am interested in the GSOC project.
21:03 < zoq> tiberiuL_: Hello, you should send an application :) Anyway, in case you haven't seen it yet, might be a good starting point; and since you are interested in GSoC might be helpful as well.
21:05 < tiberiuL_> Best answer that i have got when asking somebody how to contribute. Thank you so much :D
21:06 < zoq> Your welcome, we are here to help so if you have any further question don't hesitate to ask.
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