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January 2018
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03:40 < rcurtin> finally got working and signed correctly
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12:48 < zoq> rcurtin: nice, let's encrypt does an awesome job.
14:20 < rcurtin> agreed, it was very simple... I used acmetool to automatically get and renew the certificates
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16:15 < akshay> hii everyone i am akshay, a BTech 3rd year student in computer science
16:16 < akshay> i want to contribute to mlpack and participate in gsoc 2018. I have downloaded all the files and have read a lot from the website of mlpack tutorials
16:17 < akshay> I really want help with how to proceed with mlpack now and contribute to fix some bug. thanks in advance
16:19 < zoq> akshay: Hello there, in case you haven't seen: and both pages provide a bunch of helpful information.
16:21 < akshay> @zoq okayy i am going through that. thank you
16:21 < zoq> If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.
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17:01 < akshay> @zoq i have executed the covariance program but I cannot understand the data.csv and cov.csv file, where are these files??
17:07 < zoq> akshay: cov.csv contains the data, you can use your own data or you can use:
17:07 < zoq> cov.csv is the output file that contains the computed covariance matrix
17:08 < zoq> so, after you run the program there should be a new file called cov.csv
17:08 < akshay> zoq: okay and what about the data.csv file that we are loading through the load method?
17:09 < zoq> you can use any file e.g.
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17:09 < zoq> just renmae fake.csv to data.csv and it should work just fine
17:09 < zoq> or adjust the example to load fake.csv instead of data.csv
17:14 < akshay> zoq: okay yes this makes sense now. Thanks a lot. By the way, are you a mentor for this organization or one of the contributors?
17:17 < rcurtin> zoq: can you see any reason to keep the ubuntu-toolchain-r/test PPA in the travis build? I'm not seeing where it's actually used later in the build, I think maybe we can remove it
17:18 < zoq> akshay: Mentor/Contributor, in fact some of the last GSoC students are now mentors as well.
17:19 < zoq> rcurtin: No, I guess it was there to get a specifc boost/gcc version?
17:20 < rcurtin> that must have been the case, I'll suggest removing it in #1174
17:20 < akshay> zoq: oh okay. But you have been really helpful. Thanks a lot. It's really difficult to get started with any project but now I think I can contribute something to this org
17:20 < zoq> Happy to help :)
17:21 < zoq> rcurtin: ah, good idea, no need to add another workaround
17:26 < rcurtin> I also wonder if the entire set of changes I made to disable the apt-daily job are still necessary; it's possible that travis auto-disables that now
17:27 < rcurtin> when I did all that work I wasn't really sure I was solving the problem the right way, and it didn't seem to always fix it...
17:28 < zoq> agreed, fine for me to remove the steps
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17:56 < miqlas> hi Guys!
17:57 < miqlas> rcurtin, i got the stickers. Thanks!
17:57 < miqlas> I know, Marcus sent them, but i don't know his nick on IRC.
18:09 < rcurtin> miqlas: great to hear you got them :)
18:09 < rcurtin> Marcus is zoq :)
18:24 < miqlas> zoq, thanks the stickers.
18:43 < zoq> miqlas: you're welcome :)
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22:30 < shikhar> Hi! I'm Shikhar, a prospective GSoC student with mlpack. Anyone here to help me with my queries?
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