We need to go deeper, Googlenet : Week-10 & 11 Highlights

In week 10 & 11, I have, incorporated the fixes suggested in #703 and #696 for the feature extraction part. I have also applied fixes suggested in #737 for the convLayer. Completed the subnet_layer (right now we duplicate some code from cnn.hpp for the subnet layer, this maybe changed later). Completed the basic structure of the googlenet network. What still needs to be discussed is how the error from auxillary classifiers is being propagated into the main network, which I will do forthwith. Regularization in the network and writing tests for its correct working are the other tasks that still need to be done. This is what I will do in the next days. Besides I am also looking at the fixes suggested in #757 and these changes will be made as soon as some things are clear. Once these changes are done we will create the inception layer using the subnet_layer and concat_layer which will fulfill one of the objectives of the project that users can duplicate any complex collection layers in a deep network without having to explicitly write a class for that collection of layers. I will also be writing a full blog post which covers point by point everything done in the project from start to finish in the next week. Thanks for reading.