Augmented Recurrent Neural Networks: Weeks 5 & 6

This two weeks featured a lot of weird bugs. The most memorable, in my opinion, are:

  • The missing closing curly brace drove g++ crazy, which resulted in error message of length 27k lines (sic!). The link to the make log: gist
  • The copy-paste bug in mlpack/models repo. Because of that bug the LSTM model in all tasks was iterating the learning 20 times - even if epochs parameter was set to another value!

However, there was also several nice code refactorings: - Automating the parameter check in mlpack/models. Unlike previous versions, now we use automated check for parameter validity and error message generation. - Templating the RunTask code in mlpack/models. Now the task type is a template, unlike previous versions, where a separate function was crafted for every task.

Also, we keep on working on HAM implementation - for example, there is an open pull request on adding HAMUnit, which already features tested implementation of tree data structure.

Finally, we have more or less stable experiment results for the three tasks: