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src/mlpack/bindings/matlab/allkfn/CMakeLists.txt File Reference


 add_library (allkfn_mex SHARED allkfn.cpp) target_link_libraries(allkfn_mex mlpack $
 install (TARGETS allkfn_mex LIBRARY DESTINATION "${MATLAB_TOOLBOX_DIR}/mlpack/") install(FILES allkfn.m DESTINATION "$

Function Documentation

◆ add_library()

add_library ( allkfn_mex SHARED allkfn.  cpp)

Definition at line 4 of file CMakeLists.txt.

Referenced by include_directories().

◆ install()

install ( TARGETS allkfn_mex LIBRARY DESTINATION "${MATLAB_TOOLBOX_DIR}/mlpack/"  )

Definition at line 13 of file CMakeLists.txt.

Referenced by endif(), include_directories(), macro(), and set().