>>> from mlpack import radical

An implementation of RADICAL, a method for independentcomponent analysis (ICA). Assuming that we have an input matrix X, thegoal is to find a square unmixing matrix W such that Y = W * X and the dimensions of Y are independent components. If the algorithm is runningparticularly slowly, try reducing the number of replicates.

The input matrix to perform ICA on should be specified with the 'input' parameter. The output matrix Y may be saved with the 'output_ic' output parameter, and the output unmixing matrix W may be saved with the 'output_unmixing' output parameter.

For example, to perform ICA on the matrix 'X' with 40 replicates, saving the independent components to 'ic', the following command may be used:

>>> radical(input=X, replicates=40)
>>> ic = output['output_ic']

input options

output options

The return value from the binding is a dict containing the following elements: