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dt_utils.hpp File Reference
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Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.
Density Estimation Trees.


void PrintLeafMembership (DTree *dtree, const arma::mat &data, const arma::Mat< size_t > &labels, const size_t numClasses, const std::string leafClassMembershipFile="")
 Print the membership of leaves of a density estimation tree given the labels and number of classes. More...

void PrintVariableImportance (const DTree *dtree, const std::string viFile="")
 Print the variable importance of each dimension of a density estimation tree. More...

DTree * Trainer (arma::mat &dataset, const size_t folds, const bool useVolumeReg=false, const size_t maxLeafSize=10, const size_t minLeafSize=5, const std::string unprunedTreeOutput="")
 Train the optimal decision tree using cross-validation with the given number of folds. More...


Detailed Description

Parikshit Ram (

This file implements functions to perform different tasks with the Density Tree class.

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