mlpack: a scalable c++ machine learning library
mlpack  2.1.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmlpackLinear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors
 NamfAlternating Matrix Factorization
 NannArtificial Neural Network
 NcfCollaborative filtering
 NdataFunctions to load and save matrices and models
 NdetDensity Estimation Trees
 NdistributionProbability distributions
 NemstEuclidean Minimum Spanning Trees
 NfastmksFast max-kernel search
 NgmmGaussian Mixture Models
 NhmmHidden Markov Models
 NkernelKernel functions
 NkmeansK-Means clustering
 NmathMiscellaneous math routines
 NmeanshiftMean shift clustering
 Nnaive_bayesThe Naive Bayes Classifier
 NncaNeighborhood Components Analysis
 NneighborNeighbor-search routines
 NrangeRange-search routines
 NregressionRegression methods
 NtreeTrees and tree-building procedures
 CBacktraceProvides a backtrace
 CCLIParses the command line for parameters and holds user-specified parameters
 CLogProvides a convenient way to give formatted output
 CParamDataAids in the extensibility of CLI by focusing potential changes into one structure
 CTimerThe timer class provides a way for mlpack methods to be timed
 CIsVectorIf value == true, then VecType is some sort of Armadillo vector or subview
 CIsVector< arma::Col< eT > >
 CIsVector< arma::Row< eT > >
 CIsVector< arma::SpCol< eT > >
 CIsVector< arma::SpRow< eT > >
 CIsVector< arma::SpSubview< eT > >
 CIsVector< arma::subview_col< eT > >
 CIsVector< arma::subview_row< eT > >